Welcome to El Taco Loco #3


El Taco Loco #3 was founded in 1990


I, Guillermo Magdaleno, together with my wife Silvia Magdaleno founded EL TACO LOCO in 1990. We are originally from Tinaja de Vargas, Michoacán México. When we arrived in this country, we had our first son, Cristian. Over time our family grew up to have 4 more children, all of whom together have worked hard to achieve the “American Dream”, own our own business.


 Our business started in the late 80’s, along with my wife, we started selling Mexican food in a Food Truck. We were located in the parking lot of what is now Taco Loco 3. In those years, that place was a mechanical workshop. With much effort and with the desire to grow, our business was advancing day by day.


 My family and I are very proud to belong to the City of Long Beach. We greatly enjoy being able to serve this community and share with it the delights and traditions of our Mexican food. One of the reasons to establish this business is this city, it was definitely the pleasant weather, the proximity to the beach and the great culture of this city. Over the years, our business went from being a “Food Truck” to an established restaurant, located at 1465 Magnolia Ave, near Downtown Long Beach.


 Since the beginning, EL TACO LOCO specialized in Mexican food. I wanted this city enjoy real tacos, burritos and Mexican dishes, accompanied by real handmade tortillas. Further on, we add a variety of seafood dishes to our menu. Now we were not only offering authentic Mexican food, but also the best of Seafood.


 Currently, we are established as one of the restaurants recognized by our city in Long Beach. Currently our clients not only have the opportunity to eat in our restaurant, but they can also take our food to their special events. We have an Event Hall, which is available for special events, weddings and all kinds of celebrations. Magnolia Event Hall, operates as an independent business in coordination with EL TACO LOCO.


 Our history has grown over the years. We know that with the help of our community and with the effort of each person who works in this company, we will continue together for many years, serving each one of you. I Guillermo Magdaleno and my family, appreciate that you are been with us all these past years and those to come.


Guillermo Magdaleno

El Taco Loco Founder